Find Your Animal Onesie!


On the surface, Kigurumis (kee-goo-ROO-mee) are animal onesies. Some people call them Kigus. But really they're a way of thinking about the world and letting your inner personality shine through. We love the fact that you can never take yourself too seriously when you're wearing a hilarious animal onesie costume.

The Kigurumi craze (unsurprisingly) originated in Japan, and the word means something like "wearing stuffed toy". Today some of the most popular kigurumis are still based on Japanese characters like Hello Kitty, Pikachu and Mega Man.

Find Your Animal Onesie!

The Japanese origins of the kigurumi onesie helps to explain why the highest-quality, most trusted brand is still Tokyo-based SAZAC, considered to be the original kigurumi pioneer. All SAZAC kigurumis are super-soft and comfortable, and they pay close attention to all the little details that make each character or animal unique. If you want to get the face, ears, and tail of a red panda or blue unicorn just right, you choose a SAZAC. Just as a legendary name like Levi’s is synonymous with blue jeans, the name SAZAC is synonymous with kigurumis. That’s why we only source our kigurumis from SAZAC in Japan. They’re the real deal. While most of our Kigurumi are for adults, we also have Kigurumi for all ages as well.


Kigurumis onesies are made for new adventures and new experiences. You can wear them cuddling with your loved ones, cosplaying, hanging out with your friends, or sitting around the house while binge-watching your favorite TV show. You could just as easily wear them to a concert or a festival. And because Kigurumis are meant to be loose and baggy, once the weather turns colder they can be used as outerwear on the ski slopes. And of course don't forget that they make the easiest and best halloween costumes!


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to the old was a wildly successful Australian kigurumi website run by Danny Labib and Aidan Lister. Known for their wild parties and charitable giving, they brought adventure to Australians until 2015. Since then they've moved on to other projects. Thankfully Australians and people all over the world can still buy incredibly cozy onesies from